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Video Hosting

Video Hosting

Video is possibly the most in-demand type of web content, and as a result, it is a great area to consider for your website. Whether you want to use video content to expand your existing website, or even create a fully featured tube site from scratch, some easy-to-use solutions can turn your vision into a reality.

Video hosting applications such as phpMotion, ClipBucket, and ClipShare automate the process of uploading video, converting it into a suitable format, and offering this content to your visitors. Best of all, these solutions are completely free and can be added to your existing web hosting service at any time.

But adding a video hosting script to your website is not all it takes to give your visitors a great experience that includes exciting videos, interactive features, and no buffering.

Leading video hosting provider Certified Hosting recently published a new article, What Makes a Good Video Hosting Plan. In this article, we give an overview of what you should look for in a video hosting solution, including information on how a network affects the performance of your video content and the threat of unexpected costs. To avoid choosing a provider that hits you with hefty fees for exceeding your usage allowances, make sure to read this article before you order a video hosting service.

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