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Is your hosting provider bugging you about bandwidth, Hard drive space using too many “files” or the latest one that cPanel invented to make you upgrade your hosting package the “too many concurrent connections” well if so your best bang for the buck is to implement a CDN to your sites. a Content Delivery Network is a group of server around the world that host your images,videos, even the core site files. when they are called by a visitors browser they get served by the closest CDN node. so if your hosting is in the USA and a Visitor is from Europe, they will get the images from the European node of your CDN network, giving the visitor the best experience, and saving your hosting resources at the same time.

I have tried several of these CDN companies over the years. First off was Amazon S3 back in the day you had to create buckets, upload everything to your bucket and rewrite your code base to serve the images from the S3 network. worked but was a lot of work on my end. Now its just a few mouse clicks away!

MaxCDN has teamed up with w3total to your wordpress blogging faster and simpler. Just create a Pull Zone in your MaxCDN control panel. white list your site IP, and done. cant be any easier, all is done in the background. You can check the source code of this website to see the results. (look at the bottom of the pages) I did not rewrite any of the code, the plugin did it all. and all the files are served from MaxCDN click here to get you 25% discount code

I have been using MaxCDN for about a year now, and they have never gone down, or lost any files or broken any of my sites. It Fast, easy, they can make me look a web guru they can help you too.

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