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At Certified Hosting, we take a hands-on approach to helping you succeed online. Today, we are excited to announce our new partnership with 6scan, allowing us to offer the 6scan website security suite across all our cPanel web hosting services, with free vulnerability scanning and assessment for every customer.

Why do you need website security? Your website is online and ready to handle inquiries from potential customers, process orders, and earn you money. After months of hard work and extensive development, you finally have a website to be proud of.

But as your reputation grows, not everyone who visits your website has good intentions. Launching a website exposes your business to malicious attacks from criminals who want to steal your data, intercept confidential customer details, or simply damage the website you have created. If your website comes under attack, the financial and reputational damage can be irreversible.

Specialty website security systems provide blanket coverage for every aspect of your web hosting plan, but the best website security can be prohibitively expensive for small business owners. Fortunately, with Certified Hosting now offering free 6scan website security scans to all customers, even business owners with small budgets can afford top-notch security.

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